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Treatment for adolescents and teens, or what we like to call “comprehensive orthodontic treatment,” is the most common form of treatment at Cucalon Orthodontics. We love our young adult patients!

Comprehensive treatment usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 15. Typically, by age 12 most young adults have lost all their primary teeth, which is a really good time to consider orthodontic treatment if it has not been previously recommended. In most cases braces or Invisalign (clear removable aligners) require appliances to be placed in both arches and are used to correct orthodontic problems involving alignment of teeth, proper jaw function and malocclusion (bad bite). Our orthodontic goals for young adults include a beautiful smile, the achievement of the best bite possible, and a full profile.

The length of treatment for adolescents and teens typically depends on just how bad the bite is, and the crowding or spacing of the permanent teeth. Treatment time is usually estimated at 18 to 24 months for difficult bites and less than 12 months for minor corrections.

Braces For Teens

Teens Most Common Types of Improper Bites

Here are the most common types of improper bites and how orthodontic care can create a beautiful smile while helping to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Braces For Teens


An overjet is present when the upper front teeth are pushed too far out. This is also commonly called “buck teeth.” Overjets can be caused by lower jaws that are too small, but can also be the result of habits such as pacifier use or thumb sucking.

Braces For Teens


Underbites are present when the lower front teeth fit over the top front teeth. Abnormal tooth wear and stress on the jaw can result if underbites aren’t corrected.

Braces For Teens


An overbite is when the front teeth reach too far over the bottom teeth. In some cases, the overbite is so severe that the lower teeth bite into the roof of the mouth.

Braces For Teens


Top front teeth that fit inside the lower teeth is called a crossbite. This can be causes bu a misalignment of the teeth or bone and can affect one tooth or several teeth. Lopsided jaw growth can occur if not corrected.

Braces For Teens


Protrusions occur when the front teeth stick too far out. Like an overjet, this malocclusion is sometimes also called buck teeth. This can be caused by an upper jaw that is positioned too far forward or a lower jaw that is too far back. Additionally, it can be caused by teeth that erupt at an angle.

Braces For Teens


Crowding can happen when there is not enough space for the teeth to erupt properly. This can be caused by a jaw that is too small or by teeth that are simply too large. Teeth will then overlap or even rotate as they try to find room.

Braces For Teens


Spacing occurs when there is too much space between teeth. This can be the result of missing or undersized teeth, or oversized jaws. Patients can be more susceptible to decay and gum disease as food can linger in these spaces.

Braces For Teens

Open bites

In an open bite, the back teeth will fit together, however, the front teeth will not. This is often caused by extended pacifier use or thumbsucking, or tongue thrusting. There can be issues with swallowing or speech if not corrected.

Braces For Teens

Deep bites

Deep bites occur when the top front teeth cover too much of the bottom front teeth when the mouth is closed. The upper teeth can bite into the gums of the lower teeth, and the lower teeth can bite into the roof of the mouth.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of having straight teeth

This brief video shows the most common types of improper bites and how orthodontic care can create a beautiful smile while helping to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

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